Writing Hugo blog in Org

First heading within the post Link to heading

  • This post will be exported as content/posts/writing-hugo-blog-in-org-subtree-export.md.
  • Its title will be “Writing Hugo blog in Org”.
  • It will have hugo and org tags and emacs as category.
  • The menu item weight and post weight are auto-calculated.
  • The menu item identifier is auto-set.
  • The lastmod property in the front-matter is set automatically to the time of export.

A sub-heading under that heading Link to heading

  • It’s draft state will be marked as true as the subtree has the todo state set to TODO.

With the point anywhere in this Writing Hugo blog in Org post subtree, do C-c C-e H H to export just this post.

The exported Markdown has a little comment footer as set in the Local Variables section below.