I just received my new batch of moo mini cards…

I don’t remember when I got my first one, but I still clearly remember the last batch I got about a year ago when I started pitchme. Simply put, they’re beautiful. I was shuddering at the thought of having to get business cards that feel like the cheapest cardboard you ever felt, and look like paper in general.

For some reason, they were roughly cut this time though, I’m still in the process of figuring out what went wrong.

Nonetheless, I’m currently in the process of redefining corporate identity at my work place. It’s not hard to get your colleagues excited about moo cards. A nice case, solid quality, beautiful print. Sooner rather than later, you might actually see more and more people at the University of Lousiana at Lafayette run around with moo cards.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get out some nice moo stickers to whoever is attending the CajunCodeFest this year.