Update: I also forgot to run the emerge -u world after the bootstrap. So you might want to do that yourself.

Update2: if libXt fails to build try

emerge '<automake-1.10'

So, I was growing more and more tired of fink and macports and hoping that there something portage like for osx.

I looked around and found this article on gentoo-macos, which seemed bad. But after a quick visit in the #gentoo irc channel it turned out that gentoo-mac had been merged into gentoo prefix.

There is a nice tutorial on getting gentoo-prefix running on macosx. It’s pretty straightforward…

However, to save you guys some compilation and setup time, I packaged my “somewhat stage3” of the gentoo folder and uploaded it. You can download it here. It contains pretty much the base system and also mysql5, git, svn and git-svn. No ruby but just emerge it as you please.

Extract it and put something along these lines into your shell config:

export EPREFIX="/opt/local/gentoo"
export PATH="$EPREFIX/usr/bin:$EPREFIX/bin:$EPREFIX/tmp/usr/bin:$EPREFIX/tmp/bin:$PATH"

I know /opt/local/gentoo wasn’t such a wise choice but well whatever.

A couple of caveats:

  1. You need to be on leopard with a core2duo with my package
  2. glib doesn’t get paste the automake on my system(which is obviously bad). However, looking into it. UPDATE if it still doesn’t work just emerge gtk-doc-am
  3. Seems like xcb is masked. Will let you know if I find out why UPDATE xcb works fine
  4. pango doesn’t detect Xquartz cairo. Ie. gentoo portage is not as tolerant as macports using pkgconfig files from whereever they’re installed on your system. Don’t get me wrong, this is actually a good thing. I’ll make an ebuild in time I guess. UPDATE no problem either, the pango package was broken, but its fixed now

Another useful link for ‘creating’ your own packages with ecopy is available here.
For the tutorial on that page you will also need to install(emerge) the following:

emerge portage-utils
emerge gentoolkit-dev

Oh and… I think it’s already emerge’d in the “stage3” I uploaded…

hope you like it. I know I do.